Renter Responsibilities

Hourly Rental Information:        

½ day rental = 4 hours

Day rental = 8 hours

Week rental = 40-hour maximum


Fuel Charge: All Units are rented with a full tank of fuel. Fuel will be billed at cost upon return to the customer.


Renter is Responsible For:

  • Insurance with property damage and general liability coverage of $1,000,000.
  • Daily inspection of unit for damage, leaks, etc.
  • Lubricating required areas daily
  • Changing all filters & fluids at required intervals per the machine operator’s manual to include oil sampling.
  • Replacing teeth and cutting edges as required.
  • Returning unit in reasonably clean condition. (otherwise cleaning charge may apply)
  • Any damage to rented unit including tire damage or excessive wear
  • Excessive cleaning will be billed per time required at standard labor rate
  • Wearing safety clothes while operating and working around the machine per machine operator’s manual.


*Additional hours accumulated will be billed accordingly.

All units subject to availability. Rates do not include applicable sales, insurance coverage, use tax or freight.

Note: Rental rates are in US Dollars.

Rates subject to change without notice.